Admission for New students/Transferees/Returnees

Enrollment guide for new students

Enrolment still ongoing!

You may choose between online and on site enrollment.

Classes start Aug. 22, 2022

STEP 1: Prepare these requirements.

Prepare the following :

  1. Completed Report Card (Front and Back)

  2. PSA Birth Certificate ( For New, Transferee and Returnee Students)

3. Certificate of Good Moral Character

4. 2x2 recent ID picture with name tag (white background).


*Initial documents submitted must be in soft copy (clear jpeg image or pdf);

** Age requirement for Preschool:

Nursery: 3 years old by June 2022.

Nursery 2: 4 years old by June 2022.

Kinder: 5 years old by June 2022.

Step 2. accomplish the online application form and attach requirements 1 to 5.

Step 3. Evaluation and Interview

Once the enrollment application is approved, you will receive an email within 1 working day for your scheduled interview. For faster transaction, visit us on campus.

Reminder: Be on time for the ENTRANCE INTERVIEW.

Step 4. after successfully passing the entrance interview, Wait FOR EMAIL ADVISORY from the cluster coordinator for instructions on how to proceed with enrollment.

Step 5. wait for the enrollment confirmation from the assessment officer.

After having successfully completed all enrollment steps, you will receive a confirmation through the registered Gmail you provided. An Admission Permit will be given to you within 1-2 working days by the Assessment Officer.

Please be reminded that the registered email address you have provided, in the required format,, serves as the school's line of communication with you.