Institutional Objectives


In consonance with the mission statement, CUBED seeks to attain the following objectives:

  1. Provide an excellent teaching and learning environment, abreast with new technologies and trends in child development and education;

  2. Understand, respect, and accommodate the varying needs of different types of learners and appreciation for all the various displays of giftedness;

  3. Provide avenues for the cognitive, affective, and psychomotor development of each learner as well as the moral and spiritual dimensions essential to an individual's personal development;

  4. Develop life-long learners by cultivating independent thought, critical and creative thinking, intellectual curiosity, and the passion for excellence;

  5. Nurture the self-worth and personal dignity of each student while inculcating self-discipline and responsibility as well as mutual respect and tolerance of all members of the community;

  6. Cultivate the habit of exellence especially in academics, and develop world-ready skills such as in communication, leadership, and ICT among others;

  7. Teach students to care for the environment and to understand the concept of stewardship of the world.

  8. Cultivate a love of country and develop an appreciation for history, heritage, culture and the arts;

  9. Embody Capitol University's core values of Character, Competence, Commitment, Culture, and Care.