The Square Frame

It represents the four facets of child development: Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual which the CUBED seeks to develop.

The Crimson Red

It is the University color which represents courage in spirit.


It symbolizes purity.

The Sun

It symbolizes power, life and strength.


It signifies knowledge.

The Eight Rays

This symbolizes Capitol University and its seven affiliate institutions.

The White Dove with the Leaf

They symbolize God and peace.

The Globe Surrounding the Children

It represents the global community which CUBED aims to serve.

The Three Figures of Children

The three children holding each other represent the three levels of education being offered in CUBED: Preschool, Grade School and High School.

The Green

It represents the environmental consciousness that CUBED is promoting.

The Triangle

It represents the Triad of Basic Education: Parents, Teachers, and the Students.


It indicates the founding year of St. Francis Learning Center in Capistrano Complex Subdivision, Gusa, Cagayan de Oro City which is the site of CUBED.